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Welcome to the about us page of our website. Our company is fully registered, incorporated with the state of Florida and ready to do business Globally. We offer digital products and services to mostly business owners and consumers much like the B2C (business-to-consumer) business model. We will give a brief background on the members at the Iconiceyes Graphic Designer Orlando LLC.

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Graphic Designs and Websites have been one of the first jobs undertaken by the owner and is now favorited by many, including himself, which is the inspiration to form a company of this nature.

Meet Member Lincoln Forbes

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I am Lincoln Forbes, one of the main Designer and Developer that assisted with this company website. Having years of experience and expertise in Graphics and website development, I will be working closely with clients to achieve their visual ideas and concepts.

  • Area of Expertise – WordPress, Graphic Design, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Websites
  • Unique TraitLittle More Advanced/Technical Than The Usual
  • Contact – (407) 456-7400