Graphic Design Services

Our graphic design services entails website mockups, posters, flyers, logos, product label designs and much more. This service is up for hiring just like web design and development and logo design.


These type of graphic designs are used primarily for events, parties and special promotions (grand opening).

Examples & Samples

Here are a few of our flyers that we have done:

Graphic Design Flyer For Yoga Retreat
Graphic Design Flyer For Yoga Retreat
iconiceyes graphics design expert
Graphic Design Expert Banner
iconiceyes graphic design for business
iconiceyes graphic design for business

Sizes and Dimensions

Always great to check with your local print shop if you would like for the design to be printed, however some sizes are 4"x6" (flyer size), 8.5"x11" (letter size) and tabloid size (11"x17").

Social Media

Please to always specify what you will be creating the graphic design for. Whether it be Facebook header, Linkedin blog post or WhatsApp display photo, each have specific dimensions for you to follow. The dimensions are specified width then height. I will outline the different sizes for the most popular social media networks.

  • Facebook

    Cover Photo: 820px by 312px. Profile photo: 180px by 180px(desktop) 140px by 140px (mobile). Shared Image: 1200px by 630px

  • Twitter

    Header Image: 1500px by 500px. Profile photo: 400px by 400px. Shared Image: 900px by 450px

  • Linkedin Company Page

    Linkedin Cover Image
    Linkedin Cover Image Example

    Cover Image: 1128px by 191px. Company Logo: 300px by 300px(minimum) 400px by 400px (maximum).

More of our graphics can be found on our portfolio page