3 Day No Bathe Challenge – Still Fresh

3 Day No Bathe Challenge and Still Fresh Banner Design

Disclaimer: Due to the Pandemic we are currently in, it is not advisable to partake in this challenge if; you are experiencing prexisting symptoms that could worsen, due to not either being fully vaccinated or have other ailments. Accept and participate at your own risk and medical expenses.

Now that we have the disclaimer out the way, we are going to explain one of the most rewarding challenges we have ever done. Many of you may have seen the T-Shirt design and wondered how the challenge went. Please see below for the instructions.

This challenge is only for the FUN and fullfilment of knowing within yourself that you could go that many days without taking a complete shower and still be #fresh



  • 3 Day No Bathe Challenge #stillfresh T-shirt – You will need one of these T-Shirts for each day that you participate in the challenge (more info on ordering on www.iconiceyesgraphics.com coming soon) so 3 (three) of them in total.


3 Day No Bathe Challenge like many have a few rules to adhere to in order to complete the challenge. You will receive a feeling of accomplishment knowing that you could actually go 3 whole days without a bath. Yes, not 1, or 2 but 3 “THREE” days.

Step 1

Ensure you take a complete shower at the begining of the challenge to maintain the freshness until the last day. i.e soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash all the good stuff.

Step 2

Operate each day as you would normally do. Completing your daily tasks and normal routines.

Bonus Advice

Each day use a damped rag to clean off the deodarant and excessive sweat from your body (some may call this tidy or tidying off), not to be confused with a bath.

Step 3

After the 3 Days, check your body all over to see if you are still fresh.

There you go! You would have successfully completed the 3 Day No Bathe Challenge and if you found yourself still fresh you could tell us about it in the comment section below. Enjoy and share.

3 Day No Bathe Challenge – Still Fresh

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