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Even though the smell and taste of your meals will always be the most important factors, sometimes you want to actually see the food before purchasing or making a decision. In today’s article, we will be reviewing some of the key elements that play a huge role when designing a website for the restaurant niche.

“Restaurants should not only focus on the smell and taste of their meals but also the visuals, as those can entice our taste buds”

Website Color Schemes For Restaurants

There is no general rule of thumb when it comes onto choosing colours but it is usually based on the emotion you would like to evoke to the customers. You want the colours to be bright and vibrant to bring out the taste and smell of your food through the graphics. Having bright and vibrant colours (that are web friendly) are always the preffered choice. Some great picks are usually;

  1. Red
  2. Yellow
  3. Green

As long as they are bright and colourful for the meals you have then you will be good to go.

chef working on restaurant's meal
Delicious Menu being prepared nicley

Delicious Menu being prepared nicley

Fonts For Web Page of The Restaurant

Scriptive and Bold font faces when combined, always leave a very appealing look to the graphics of a Restaurant’s website. Whether you implement these font families in the web banners or the menu design headings, you will most certainly gain more impressions, click to orders for your meals.

Web Graphics

Almost all restaurants these days are having one of the following on the website:

  1. Menu Design – you can itemize the different prices for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with the different types of food you are serving.
  2. Web Banners – these are usually the high end graphics that display your best meals. Ensure that you take high quality photos of the meals prepared and use those inside the web graphic banners. You can also offer any specials or discounts you have in mind to attract more attention to your banners.
  3. High Quality Images – try to use a Nikon camera that gives a high enough quality (some mobile devices may give you enough quality) to showcase your best meals.

Yelp and Google Reviews

5 star Yelp and Google Reviews Aspiration
Yelp and Google Ratings Aspiration

Customers are almost always reading the reviews of restaurants, especially first timers. Reviews can make or break your restaurant. If you don’t already have a Yelp and Google My Business Page, you can go ahead and create one on each platform as they are free. Try to ensure that you promote a healthy, positive and negative comment free review section on those platforms. The goal is to get as much positive reviews about your business to give first time customers assurance when purchasing from your restaurant.

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