UI UX Designers – The Unforeseen Interface

UI UX Designer Award winning design

Choosing a career is never easy, most people will advise to go with what you love to do and you will never work another day in your life. We will be revealing a new design career that encompasses Accessibility, Ergonomics, Information Architecture, Visual, Interaction, Information and Service design which is known as User Interface and User Experience Designer. These designers are extremely gifted with employing graphics in a way that people understand the product’s technology and it works as intended by the consumer.

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UI UX designer iconiceyes
UI UX designer iconiceyes

User Interface Design – the process designers use to build interfaces for machines and software, with the focus on ensuring the interface has elements that maximize usability and user experience. Computers, mobile devices and other electronic devices are examples of such machines.

User Experience Design – the is the form of design that is user focused. The objective is to create products that provide relevant and meaningful experiences to the users.

UI UX Designer Getting Ready For Designs
UI UX Designer Getting Ready For Designs

This will be a piece of cake is what we all say until…(designer block)

Top UI Designers

Most if not all will hire a User Interface Designer with no idea that there is more to look for than just the visual design aspects. You generally will need to see 2 or more specialties that they are profound in. As an upcoming UI & UX Designer, Iconiceyes Graphic Designer Orlando LLC is already adept in Visual Designs, Informational Designs and Service designs.

User Interface Designer’s Process – Eliminate Designer Block

Many UI Designers both new and pro at the job will often have a process put in place to efficiently and effectively design the work at hand. Even though design is an Art and not a Science here are a few steps to take, to assist with accomplishing the job while minimizing the dreadful designer block and errors:

  • Understand the target audience – ensure that you try to have a good understanding of who the client is creating the design for and the message they are conveying to that said audience.
  • Sketch or Mockup the idea – using a pencil and paper or sketchpad on the computer, you can create a few rough sketches and layout the overall project plan. In this step you can brainstorm different ideas.
  • Proof read – Always reread your design work for any errors.
  • Feedback From Others – Send your Design to a friend or someone who can contribute a different perspective on the design, you never know what can be added.
  • Utilize Different Screens- After completing the design it is now best practice to view the design on different devices, just ensure that the design does not get accidental pixelation and is smooth across different screens.

Once you are a little seasoned in the career you may change, add or remove some of the steps or even not have any at all (*joke*).

ui ux design concept iconiceyes
ui ux design concept iconiceyes

The Search For The Best UX Designer

Hiring the best User Experience (UX) designer can be a challenge if, you do not know what stage in the project development you are, but it all boils down to the interaction between humans and technology. Whichever UX designer can deliver on those basis, will be the best fit for your product/project needs.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) For User Experience Designs

Due bear in mind that the UX design should be functioning at a level that fits the criteria they would have outlined for you, coherent with consumer interaction and will provide enough feedback to make improvements and adjustments if needed. Each company/client may change up what they are looking for but generally it will all tie in to how well consumers interact with the technology.

UX designer getting ready to build user interface
UX designer getting ready to build user interface

Coffee is all set and we’re ready for those ux design jobs!

The Designer Search Comes To An End…

Now the unforeseen has been seen. We at www.iconiceyesgraphics.com are on a learning path to improve our whole UI UX Design career and would appreciate your thoughts on if we should add it to our services. The market for UI UX designers based on light research is not too competitive, so if you are thinking about getting into the field, you can do some research on what area you like and definitely jump start your career. Remember though, they always say, do not just start a course to only get a certificate or degree, actually commit to the lessons to gain a deeper understanding of the field.

UI UX Designers – The Unforeseen Interface

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