Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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The search engine results pages also have a section for paid advertising which allows advertisers to outperform or appear above the organic listing for a given search term or phrase, depending on what you are biding on. You can either target keywords, re-market to previous visitors, target by demographics and a lot more. It all boils down to your target audience. As a company, (iconiceyes) also utilizes this form of marketing. The search engine market share in 2020 ( are as follows:

search market share table
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Search Engine Marketing by definition is a form of internet marketing that involves the promoting of a website using paid advertisements that appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). SEM can incorporate search engine optimization (SEO), which is coding the website to achieve a higher ranking in the SERPs to enhance pay per click (PPC) listings.


Here are a few advantages (Pros) and disadvantages (Cons) we would like to contrast for you:


  • Traffic is consistent and fast
  • You can remarket to previous visitors
  • Increase conversion rate
  • More data, insights and metrics on money being spent
  • Huge amount of impressions/traffic to tap into on a weekly basis
  • Target on a wider scope as well as niche down to a target audience


  • Can cost a lot of money depending on the market
  • Larger learning curve for a beginner or if you are not already savy with paid advertisements

Advanced Search Engine Marketing

There are a few best practices when implemented we classify them as being Advanced SEM. These methods and techniques can benefit your campaign, because when implemented correctly, can lower the Cost Per Click (CPC) you would be charged, increase your visibility in the SERPs and increase your conversion rate. We will only list a few for right now as we would like to keep some within our company:

  • Create Relevant and clickable titles
    • This will allow you to get more clicks on your ads resulting in having a high CTR (Click-Through Rate), which will show the Search Engines that your ad is well inviting and favorited by the searcher.
  • Re-market Previous Visitors
    • Potential buyers after seeing your ad and website may not always be ready to buy. They are even likely to forget all about where to find your business. This is where remarketing gives you the chance to engage and showcase your ad to the same visitor that will hopefully convert after.
  • Have A High Quality Score
    • On a scale from 1-10 your ad is rated by Google Ads based on its quality and relevance for the keywords and PPC ads. Here is Google’s article for more info. With a few optimization, you can increase your ad score.
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Search Engine Marketing Google Ads Iconiceyes

We know we should add more to the list but Iconiceyes Graphic Designer Orlando LLC will have the above practices and a few others, ready to help make your business grow.


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Pricing Search Engine Marketing

This is a service that we are ready to offer to you. Having gained a lot of traction and publicity from using Search Engine Marketing advertisements, you can rest assured that we can work towards doing the same for your business. Regardless if you are a small, medium or enterprise level business, we have a price plan that will help grow your business:

Price Plans

Starter PackageBasic PackagePremium Package
2-4 Campaigns (Smart Campaign, Display, Discover, PPC etc)3-7 Campaigns (Smart Campaign, Display, Discover, PPC etc) 8-10 Campaigns (Smart Campaign, Display, Discover, PPC etc)
3 Unique Ads (split between image and text based ads) per campaign4 Unique Ads (split between image and text based ads) per campaign5 Unique Ads (split between image and text based ads) per campaign
Ad Spend Budget: $1000/30 DaysAd Spend Budget: $1300/30 DaysAd Spend Budget: $2000/30 Days
8-10 Headlines or Titles11-15 Headlines or Titles 14-18 Headlines or Titles
6-8 Descriptions (describing business or service offering) 9-12 Descriptions (describing business or service offering) 13+ Descriptions (describing business or service offering)
Grand Total: $3500 Grand Total: $4800 Grand Total: $6500

Price Plans for Search Engine Marketing

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