Web Banners

Web banners or website banners are used to bring a message across in a visually appealing way on your website, blog, social media or even when adveritising with SEM or paid ads. These can be placed at the top of the website, at the bottom, throughout the content or even at the side. They are usually created to advertise the products and services of a business or for a special event or sale that the company may be having. Below is an example of a web banner.

restaurant website design banner

As you can see this would be a restaurant website designer banner advertisement for a company (iconiceyes) that would design websites for restaurants.

Web Banner Sizes

The size of your web banner will be dependent on the where you will be placing it and the devices that you will be targeting. Your web banner not only can be placed on your company website but also on your social media page or be used when you are doing paid ads or advertising.