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Hiring us to build your website will boost your brand recognition, drive organic traffic, allow you to build connection with your customer, build credibility and help establish brand identity. The benefits of outsourcing web design and development is you will: cut cost and save time in actually doing the work yourself, web designers will have more experience, we offer better service quality, we are kept up to date with industry best practices and we provide a fresh perspective towards the website goals and objectives. We are having a flash sale on our web design and development services.

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Iconiceyes will walk you through on the requirements we believe are most essential to have a successful website online.

Website Hosting

In order for your website to be accessible and viewed on a browser or mobile app, you will need to have the files hosted online or locally. This is what is called web hosting. Most bussinesses host their websites online/remotely to save them the trouble of always having a computer on to host them locally. Most web hosting companies have an outstanding uptime of 99% online and makes them a great choice to host your website. Some of these web hosting companies are:

  • Namecheap

    Great choice for Shared Hosting, Wordpress Hosting, Reseller hosting and more.

  • GoDaddy

    Offers economical hosting with VPS-like power.

  • Hostgator

    Low cost hosting for multiple small wordpress websites.

We may do a separate article about the web hosting companies.

Domain Name and Domain Registrars

The name that visitors will type inside the browser's address bar and access your website is known as your domain name. From the web hosting list above most of the companies that host websites actually register the domain name, because without a domain name then what would they type to access your website. Unless you want them to type in the IP address of your server into the address bar... (NO!). Continuing on why it is important to have a good domain is the fact that you would want a name that is either the name of your company or something that closely relates to the business. This is important because you want to develop a brand overall and when you start to get into traffic later on you will want to be found for your brand and company name. Not to worry as you just need to have a unique name or strong enough brand.

Iconiceyes will include the pricing and relevant information on your estimate or invoice, and we usually assist with purchasing the domain name and hosting for you!

Types Of Websites

The type of website that you hire iconiceyesgraphics.com to build or build yourself, will be dependent upon the nature of your business and how you want your customers to interact with you online. Some types of websites would be a Blog, Ecommerce, Web Application, Social Media Sites, Forum. Regardless of the type of website that you will be building, here are a few things to consider:

  • User Interface and Design

    The aesthetics (look, feel, colors, buttons) of your website should be as close to your branding and business as possible. There is always the web safe colors that one can use when choosing a set of colors to go with. The web designer usually can highlight and suggest some to you, however they always tend make the right choices to ensure website visitors are satisfied on your web page.

  • Pagespeed and Load Time

    The page speed or how fast your website loads will be dependent upon how efficient your code is, how optimized your images and videos are, the amount scripts and plugins you have loading on each page and the amount of http header request. This can be one of the most technical and advanced aspect of website development. We would highly recommend you to either hire a professional website developer to handle this aspect for you.

  • Devices and Browsers

    Mobile devices both Android and Iphones along with their different versions, are to be heavily considered when developing your website online. The devices and browsers will have different screen sizes and compatibility requirements which is one of the main reasons for the website developer to be made aware of which devices you will be targeting the most. In general, we at iconiceyes usually build responsive website designs, so the websites can fit and adjust to any particular screen size.

  • Website Security

    Usually you would want to have some type of security for your website as to ensure you do not get overloaded with a bunch of either spam bots or DDOS attacks.

You may still ask; Is it worth paying for a web designer? This will depend on if you need a website that will be different from your competition and stand out. Once you require a website that can handle complex and unique tasks to satisfy your customers, then hiring a web designer and developer would be the best option. If you are requesting an ordinary ecommerce or blog website and you have no experience, still I would recommend you to hire a website designer and developer to quickly assist with the website. If you however have experience and do not require any custom algorithms and analytics for client data, you can use a website builder instead.

Hire HTML Developer: Creating A Website With HTML and CSS

Creating a website with HTML and CSS can get time consuming and a bit tedious, it is easy to learn, however there are constant updates in the programming and website industry, which makes you often consider to hire an HTML developer. HTML as many already know, stands for HyperText Markup Language and is the standard language for web developing. This standard language is often assisted by CSS and Javascript to give the web page style and functionality.

Usually, a customer will want advanced functionality which can lead the HTML programmer into using the upgraded language to HTML, which would be HTML5. HTML5 is pretty awesome! It has symantic markup which allows you to be very specific on what your website is about. This helps search engines alot with categorizing, indexing and ranking your website. Did I hear Search Engine Optimization?! Yes using HTML5 markup is a part of SEO.

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